Getting to know Megha Patel, Esq.

Law Office of Megha K. Patel is dedicated to innovatively shift the way the legal profession is viewed. Regardless of whether you are involved in real estate, a family dispute, making decisions on your estate, or forming a new business, I will guide you through these situations from a positive perspective.

I welcome you to my hybrid law firm where I combine virtual and traditional opportunities and work with your unique situation to help you get things done in the most efficient manner.

I am a first-generation attorney, born and raised in New Jersey. I received by Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University in May 2016. Within one week of graduating, I started my legal education at Brooklyn Law School within their Two-Year Accelerated Program, graduating with my Juris Doctor in May 2018. I was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in May 2019. Since my admission, I have worked in different sectors of the legal field before settling down to start my own law firm.

I am opening my own law firm so I can be on the front lines of the legal system. My goal and passion is to show every single person that walks through my door that no matter how tough their situation may be, there is something positive that will come out of it. I hope to be the one that lessens your burdens and shows you how the law can work in your benefit, rather than work against you.

Mission Statement

Focus on the positive and let me handle the legal work.

My mission is to provide high quality, innovative legal representation with respect, professionalism, passion, and creativity to help my clients and the community. I am committed to providing a positive legal experience in the most efficient and highly-technological way.


My philosophy and foundation are based on respect.

Respect for my clients. Respect for other attorneys. Respect for Judges. Respect for the legal system. Respect for my community. Every action this firm takes is to better the community in hopes of bringing equality in all aspects of the legal system.

Goals & Objectives

This firm is built on five core values.

  1. Provide reliable and competitively priced legal services for sound legal advice to all clients, regardless of the complexity involved. Every case is taken with the same level of seriousness.

  2. Ensure that all legal services, from the initial consultation to the end of representation, are handled in a timely manner with the highest level of professionalism.

  3. Committed to keeping all information confidential and strongly stand behind the attorney-client relationship.

  4. Continue to learn new, innovative methods to better the practice in order to provide the most beneficial legal advice to our clients.

  5. Determined to create new ways to teach the community about our practice areas through online videos, blogs, and in-person presentations.